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3 major projects of the TAO Cultural Foundation
Established in 2015 to aim "Establish the Japan's first Japanese drum school", "To run the art village and outdoor theater" and "Contribute to promote local tourism and cultural project" as a social contribution project of DRUM TAO,
Open the "Out door theater TAO Nature Theater" in August 2020. Having performacnes almost every day to entertain audiences all over Japan.
Contributing to especially local tourism during this tough economic situation due to COVID-19.
In addition, They are an official artist of "Sobo, Katamuki, Okue UNESCO Eco Park Oita" and they were a special supporter of Oita's "Rugby World Cup 2019 ".
Up till now, they were awarded "Outstanding Cultural Contribution" from Oita, "Cultural Creators Award" from Taketa city in Oita, "Taketa City International Tourism Goodwill Ambassador" "6th Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award" "Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Award".

3 major projects of the TAO Cultural Foundation

Establish the Japan's first Japanese drum school

Not only learning japanese drums. We prepare several japanese instruments lessons from popular artists such as Shinobue, Shamisen and Koto. Also we have built the enviroment to get teaching skills of dance and performance as well as knowledge of music and composition production.
This special institution will be established in "Kuju Plateau"where TAO's home town.
Currently we are approaching to high school, vocational school and university to nationwide for recruting "DRUM TAO trainees".
Under the themes of "Occupation=pro Japanese drum performer" and "working at entertaiment industry", We are training next generation for flying high to the world!


More than 9 million spectators have been touched across the world.
It is the “JAPANESE ENTERTAINMENT” for a new generation that completely surpasses expectations.
Their Off-Broadway shows in New York completely sold out! It was featured in the weekly American magazine, Newsweek stating “The highly acclaimed debut of DRUM TAO in Broadway will represent not only Japanese entertainment but Japan itself”.
Their long-run show “MANGEKYO” started at Tokyo in 2017.
In 2020, They had 274 performances after resuming in July 17th during COVID-19.

To run the art village and outdoor theater
-World class out door theater which representing Japan-

Country, Oita prefecture and Taketa city cooperated to establish "Outdoor Theater TAO Nature Theater" in August 2020 at an altitude of 1,036m hill against the beautiful Aso Mountains. Tao Cultural Foundation is running this facilities as an operator.
And also "TAO HOUSE" renovated by TAO Cultural Foundation is an artist museum of DRUM TAO.
"LIVE HALL" is an open space hall surrounded by 12 TV moniters. You can enjoy the latest movie at "Big screen Theater" as well. There are café and the bar where you can have foods and drinks which prouced by TAO members.
In addition, TAO tour merchandise and TAO Nature Theater original/eclusive merchandise are here too.
You can enjoy breath taking superb view from "rooftop terrace" and "green terrace".
Clear blue s ky and unpredictable clowds make outdoor theater "stage in the sky" against a large plateau that extends far away.
Pre-opened on August 6, 2020, dropped on August 11, and opened in on September 4, with 87 performances held 4 days a week within the year.
Among the corona pandemic, 12,000 people visited during the periods.
Outdoor Theater is able to take "social distance" that's the reason why people can come to see the show feeling safe.


Experience Japanese entertainment in the wilderness of a national park the theater representing the 21st century was born.


Opened in August 2020 as a permanent theater where you can enjoy DRUM TAO's live performance against the Aso Kuju National Park's magnificient nature.
Re-opened in March 10th 2021.


There is an exhibition of JUNKO KOSHINO's produced stage costumes, photo exhibition, merchandise store, café and the bar for experiencing DRUM TAO top to bottom.

Contribution to local tourism and cultural promotion

Utilizing the cultural and artistic power and popularity (PR) of DRUM TAO, which has more than 9 million spectators worldwide, we will appeal the local city of Taketa in Oita prefecture to the world and contribute to the image strategy of the region.
That has led to attract artists and creators from all over the world and contribute to the regional revitalization project.
In addition, TAO Nature Theater will cooperate with locals as the top tourist attraction in the area to attract the tourists.
Furthermore, We will conveys greatness of culture and art to local students and children, for developing the rich sensibilities.
DRUM TAO creates the foundation for permanent existance in the region.

Official Trailer of Aso Kuju National Park X DRUM TAO - "TAO Nature Theatre"

Official artist

Rugby World Cup 2019
Special supporter in Oita

TAO summer festival

UNESCO Eco Park Official artist DRUM TAO has released special videos taken at various places in the UNESCO Eco Park such as Harajiri Falls, Oka Castle Ruins, and Fujikawachi Valley.

Sobo, Katamuki, Okue Unesco Eco park

Sobo, Katamuki, Okue Unesco Eco park

Sobo, Katamuki, Okue Unesco Eco park
Promotion Video

Sobo, Katamuki, Okue Unesco Eco park
TAO trip! Vol.1 Sotaro Station

Sobo, Katamuki, Okue Unesco Eco park
TAO trip! Vol.2 Lodge Kiyokawa

Sobo, Katamuki, Okue Unesco Eco park
TAO trip! Vol.3 Anamori Shrine

Unesco Eco Park special video


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